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Translation As A Holistic Process

Many people tend to think of translation as an isolated, standalone process but in fact, translation is much more than just that. It is a holistic blend of various processes, all of which, work together to result in an accurate, comprehensible document, which is easily understood by the reader.

Not Linear Unlike many processes within organizations, where a clear workflow and route can be defined, in the case of translation the process is entirely non-linear. The kind of translations, which happen in free software are mostly linear, in the sense that every word is individually taken and literally translated. While this approach may work for small sentences and phrases, for more complex documentation, a non-linear, comprehensive approach needs to be taken.

Understanding The Document As A Whole In the case of complex translation services, the entire essence of the document needs to be grasped first and then individual sentences need to be analyzed for effective translation. For example, in the case of Ukrainian translation, the entire document will need to be read, its synopsis understood and then individual sentences and paragraphs will need to be translated into Ukrainian in a format, which combines linguistic and cultural aspects of the language.

Cultural Aspects Cultural connotations in the sphere of translation play a vital role in ensuring a document, which is enjoyable by the end reader. Taking the above example of Ukrainian, there would certainly be phrases and interjections, which are unheard of in English but considered a very normal part of conversations in Ukrainian. In such examples, the Ukrainian translation expert needs to understand the flow of meaning in English and then reinterpret it to suit the cultural tastes of the Ukrainian reader.

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