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Things To Look For In A Ukrainian Translation Service

When looking for any translation service provider, two aspects need to be considered. The first is the linguistic aspect, wherein the proficiency of the translator is assessed and the second aspect is the cultural one, where the translator’s connection with the local culture is evaluated.

Linguistic Aspect In terms of the linguistic or language aspect, the intended language will no doubt be different from English. Right from order of words, meaning of sentences and overall context, down to the aspect of whether the language tends to lean towards baroque influences or the modernistic languages. For example, a language like Ukrainian is more baroque in nature and many of the words and sentences extend into almost endless form. Often, there are no punctuation marks segregating sentences and hence Ukrainian translation becomes even more complex in such cases. In such an example, where the source document is in English and it is to be translated into Ukrainian, the translator needs to ensure that the sentences and words form seamlessly to make sense to a Ukrainian reader. This is quite a tough task because the sentences will need to be combined to make lengthy paragraphs, unlike English, which is quite curt in terms of allowed sentence length.

Cultural Aspects The cultural aspects, of course lean towards typical mannerisms, words and phrases intrinsic to the native community – in this case, Ukrainian community. Hence, the words, which sound perfectly fine in the English language may lose their flavor and punch if they were to be retained when performing Ukrainian translation.

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