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Internationalization Of Websites And The Role Of Translation

With an increasing number of websites going global and wanting to tap into new markets to expand target audience bases, making a website international is the key agenda of many organizations these days. Internationalization simply refers to translation of website content to different languages so people of other countries can read and understand the website content.

Quality Translators Essential Before a company approaches any translation service provider, previous samples of work must be obtained. Typically, examples of previous websites localized by the translator must be obtained. It is also best to get native speakers of that language working within the organization to crosscheck the authenticity of these translations.

Keyword Translation Keywords are the traffic-attracting magnets, which draw more sales and profits to the website. While the English site may have done exceptionally well, if internationalizing into a language like Ukrainian, the translation of keywords too has to be done in Ukrainian. Thus, the translator must undertake Ukrainian translation of individual keywords and phrases and approval should be obtained from the organization before going ahead with the main website content.

Professional Localization The website in question should be formed well, devoid of broken codes or HTML, have proper and accurate translation. This encompasses the tenets of quality localization of a site. The site should be crosschecked by a Ukrainian native language speaker (in the case of Ukrainian translation) to assess if the translation is accurate.

By following these tips, any organization can infuse internationalization into their site effectively.

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