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How to obtain Certificate of No-Impediment to Marriage in Ukraine

To obtain a Certificate of Non-Impediment to marriage in Ukraine (also known as document on current marital status, Single Status Affidavit or No-record of marriage), indispensable for marriage registration in most countries, Ukrainian national has to personally appear before the Ukrainian Notary with national passport and simply sign an affidavit on currently single marital status. Notary will certify the affidavit which will be a valid complete document of No-Impediment to marriage to be used for foreign authorities submission or elsewhere. The Single Status Affidavit will probably have to undergo appropriate Legalization (Apostille) and certified notarized translation to target language.

We provide services to legalize and certify your documents for end use abroad. Should you have any more questions on process of obtaining certificate of no-impediment in Ukraine, don't hesitate to contact us. We shall respond shortly.

Ukrainian marriage Obtained at any Ukrainian Notary.

Ukrainian marriage Physical presence is required.

Ukrainian marriage To present national passport.

Ukrainian marriage And simply sign an affidavit.

Ukrainian marriage For international use obtain
     Legalization or Apostille.

Ukrainian marriage Translate to your requested
      language, certify by Notary.

no impediment to marriage

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