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Required documents for Ukrainian adoption dossier:

1) Home Study.
issued by competent authority in the adopting parents' country, attesting to their eligibility, specifying their housing and living conditions, house address; biographical information of the adoptive parents (all house members and number of biological children); their approach towards adoption; recommendations on the number, age and health of the children that the hopeful adoptive parents intend to adopt. If a home study is issued by a non-governmental entity (a private agency or social worker), a copy of the license authorizing this entity to conduct pre-adoption reviews must be attached.

2) Adoptive parents' commitment.
if granted the adoption, to have the child registered with Ukraine's consular office in their home country; to supply information (at least once a year) about an adopted child's living conditions and educational process to the Ukrainian consular officer, to arrange for consular officers to keep in touch with the adopted child, and to retain the child's Ukrainian citizenship until 18 years of age.

3) Entrance and permanent residence permit
for the adopted child, issued by the competent authority in the adoptive parents' country. For American citizens, it is the Form I-171H.

4) Notarized Copies of the passports
or other identification papers of prospective adoptive parents. Copy of the permanent residency should be included, if one of the adoptive parents is not citizen of the residing country.

5) 2 copies of the marriage certificate
Obtain 2 notarized photocopies of your marriage certificate.

6) Bill of health
Declaration that you are specifically not suffering from any kind of psychic, communicable, internal and other diseases. Done for both applicants and issued by provincial authority, doctor signature should be notarized.

7) No criminal record
statement supplied by a competent authority for each adoptive parent, attesting to his/her having no criminal record. Can be obtained in local police office.

8) Proof of income
Employee certification letter, indicating your work status and salary, tax returns and statement from your bank proving that you have a bank account there. notarized copies of the documents confirming ownership or rental rights of the adoptive parents for their house or apartment, indicating its total living area and number of bedrooms.

    Please note that all documents from the list must be independent documents.
All documents (except passport copies) must be properly "authenticated" (Apostilled or legalized in Ukrainian Consulate, depending on your country of residence).

Once the documents are "authenticated", they must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized in Ukraine.

Ukrainian certified translations of Power of Attorney for your non-traveling spouse or facilitators are available.

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