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Divorce Certificate, Divorce Decree/ Judgement/Decree of Dissolution

- Divorce decree/judgement. This document is prepared by the court setting terms and conditions of the divorce.
- Divorce certificate. The divorce certificate contains basic information about husband and wife, and the date and place the marriage ended.

Any documents issued abroad and intended for official usage (marriage, courts, Registry offices, etc.) in Ukraine must be translated in Ukraine and certified/verified by Ukrainian Notary, in order to execute a foreign document in any Ukrainian public organization.

What is required for notarization?
- Original documents are required.
- Foreign documents intended for official use in Ukraine must be affixed with Apostille.

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Source language
Target language
Price 35 USD
Apostille translation included
Translator certification

(affidavit of accuracy
+ corporate seal)
Notary certification

(ask us if you need one?)
Turnaround 2 b/days + delivery
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divorce certificate example

divorce certificate Apostille example

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