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Hello again. I write to THANK YOU so so much for your timely advice. I was able to go to US Embassy and also to Dept. Of Foreign Affairs in time to get required affidavit of no impediment to marriage. I pick up the document at 4 pm today, exactly as you advised. Tomorrow I fly to my lady Julia with everything required for the marriage license. Again, thanks for much for your timely response. You saved me much trouble and grief.

 Ukrainian certified translation of documents Nick Lotielo

Marriage in Ukraine

Ukrainian marriage translation If you are getting married with a Ukrainian citizen in Ukraine, along with your application, you must present certain documents from your country of residence required for legal marriage registration in Ukraine.

The local Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status Registration (also known as "RAGS") can process a marriage application to a Ukrainian national. The marriage laws are regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine and its following law amendments.

General set of documents for marriage in Ukraine

Documents below must be submitted to RAGS, usual application pending period is one month, however foreign nationals may ask for permission to register marriage prior to the expiration of one month period having a reasonable excuse (early departure).

After the registration of marriage you receive a standard Marriage Certificate in the Ukrainian language approved by the Ukrainian Ministry. Marriage Certificate is a subject to further Legalization and certified translation. Should you enquire more information on marriage registration in Ukraine, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ukrainian marriage Ukrainian certified/notarized translation of first page of foreign passport;
     For this send us your scanned copy of passport.

Ukrainian marriage Birth certificate with proper authentication (Apostille or Consular legalization obtained in your country). Altogether must be translated to Ukrainian and certified by Notary in Ukraine;
     Send us your original Apostille affixed birth certificate.

Ukrainian marriage *no longer required Document on individual's current marital status (also known as Single Status Affidavit, Certificate of No Impediment), proving that you are legally able to marry. Proper authentication to be performed in your country (Apostille or Legalization). In Ukraine it must be translated to Ukrainian and certified by Notary;
     Send us your original Apostille affixed certificate of no impediment.

Ukrainian marriage divorce decree or divorce certificate, or court judgment on marriage annulment, or spouse's death certificate if any (these documents must be presented only by individuals who have been previously married). Proper authentication to be performed in your country (Apostille or Consular Legalization). In Ukraine it must be translated to Ukrainian and certified by Notary.
     Send us your original Apostille affixed divorce/death document.

Ukrainian certified translation of single status affidavit, no impediment to marriage
Ukrainian certified translation of divorce decree, certificate
Divorce decree
Ukrainian certified translation of birth certificate
Birth certificate
Ukrainian certified translation of passport

Specific requirements are set for residents of various countries

The process of obtaining Letter of No-Impediment can vary in different countries. Below we accentuate the peculiarities of this process in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Holland, Germany. For other locations, contact us with your enquiry to get a detailed explanation and estimate for our services.

Canadian citizens

Statement in Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage and a Statutory Declaration on marital status:

Both of these documents are issued in English and Ukrainian at the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine (31 Yaroslaviv Val, Kiev 01901). In order to obtain these documents, a Canadian Citizen must come to the Embassy in person with the valid Canadian passport and Driver's License. Appointment is required for this service.

The Consular Fees for this service is CAN $ 50. Both of these documents must be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, at the address: 2 Velyka Zhytomyrska St, Kiev.

How to obtain Divorce/Death certificates in Canada.

First to legalize the original Divorce Certificate with the Provincial Government Authorities or with the Canadian Federal Department for Foreign Affairs. Then to legalize the original Divorce Certificate with the Ukrainian Embassy in Canada, Ottawa or Ukrainian Consulate in Toronto or at the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine.

United States of America citizens

Fill out a Letter of Non-Impediment to Marriage at the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev. It must be signed only in the presence of a Consular Officer. No appointment is required for this service.

The same day you can Authenticate the Letter of Non-Impediment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, located in Kyiv at 2 Velyka Zhytomyrska St. The Ministry accepts documents for legalization between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon and returns documents between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. (4:30 p.m. on Fridays) on the same day. The same day service is only available for individuals.

UK citizens

The Certificate of No-Impediment can be obtained both in the UK from your local registrarís office or at the UK Embassy in Kiev.

1. Apply for Certificate of No Impediment to marriage at your local Registry Office in the U.K, you are required to pesent:
- British passport;
- evidence of the termination of a previous marriage for both partners
- Personal Details form;
- application fee.

2. If applying in Ukraine you will have to stay in Ukraine for at least 21 days prior to your application. The Certificate of no impediment will be issued to you in 21 days from the moment of your application.

To apply for the Certificate you will have to come to the Consular Section of the Embassy, complete Notice of Marriage and swear affidavit (appointment is required).

Once you get the Certificate, it should be legalised at the Consular Division of the Ukrainian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (2, Velyka Zhitomirska Str, Kiev).

Australian citizens

Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage are issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to Australian citizens seeking to marry in Ukraine. You can also obtain a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from the Australian Embassy in Moscow.

French citizens

French citizens who intend to get married in Ukraine, must contact the French Embassy in Kiev. Appointment is required.

Documents required from the French citizen:

∑ full copy of birth certificate issued not more than 3 months prior to documents submission.
∑ copy of national passport or French ID card.
∑ affirmation of French citizenship if applicant was not born in France.
∑ inquiry on residence issued by local mayoralty (or receipt copy for utility bills, or tax receipt, or card copy of Consular registrain in case of residing abroad).
∑ Application form filled out in French language and signed.

Documents required from the Ukrainian citizen:

∑ original birth certificate
∑ inquiry on current marital status
∑ marriage certificate, if the person had been married.
∑ divorce/death certificate of spouse
∑ inquiry on residence and family members

Note: if person was divorced and remained with first spouse's last name, it is necessary to provide the inquiry on the first marriage (obtained in RAGS), indicating the name amendment in time of marriage. These documents have to be Apostilled in Ministry of Justice and translated to French. If these documents have been issued in region other than Kiev, they should first be certified by Regional Justice authorities.

∑ copy of international Ukrainian passport
∑ Application form filled out in French language and signed.

German citizens

Ukrainian side must provide the following documents in order for German side to obtain an inquiry from Standesamt. This inquiry will later be used in German Embassy for No-Impediment certificate.

1. Copy of passport
2. Birth certificate
3. Inquiry on current marital status
4. Divorce/death certificate of spouse (if applicable).
5. inquiry on local residence and family members

These documents must be legalized in Regional Justice authorities, Misinitry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and German Embassy.

Dutch citizens

In Ukraine, a certificate of no impediment ('verklaring omtrent de burgerlijke staat') will be required in order to get married.

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