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Interpreting Meaning In A Document With Translation

Translators have a tough job because not only do they have to interpret the intended meaning of the document but also conceptualize the hidden sub-context and convey that to the reader.

Because Meaning Is Never Obvious Most readers like to look for hidden meanings within the text. A seemingly harmless phrase in English such as ‘Surely you know’ can be interpreted as being sarcastic, assumptive or in any other manner as deemed fit by the reader. Imagine, what would be the number of permutations and combinations of interpretations in the case of a complex language such as Ukrainian? In the case of Ukrainian translation, there would definitely be many such instances where the translator would have to decipher the true meaning of the text and then convey it in the best manner possible in the Ukrainian language. The end translated product should not be vague as to the intended meaning and the reader should clearly understand the central message of the document.

Literal Translation = Dictionary Meanings In the quest of translation, deeper knowledge is sought and thus results in a more enriching experience. Unlike literal translations, where every word or phrase is taken in isolation and then translated, expert translation services would go beyond the ‘dictionary approach’ and instead choose to look at the overall document. In the case of a difficult language like Ukrainian, Ukrainian translation involves a thorough assessment of the entire document before even proceeding to the stage of decoding the language.

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