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Interpreting Different Meanings Of A Word In Translation To Avoid Ambiguity

The practice of ‘word sense disambiguation’ is very common in the segment of translation. In simple terms, it refers to the deciphering of the true meaning of the word within the larger context to avoid any vagueness or ambiguity in the language.

One Word Many Meanings There are many words in the English language as well as various other languages, which have different connotations and meanings. For example, the word ‘bass’ could refer to a type of fish or to a music note level. When translating, care has to be taken to ensure that the meaning of the words is not confused because otherwise, it can change the entire meaning of the document. There are software available, which help to understand the contextual meaning of the word and then translate it. However, it is only human translation, which provides the most superior translation results.

Shallow And Deep Approaches Just as is the practice with NLP or Natural Language Processing, there are two ways to approach translation – shallow and deep. In the case of the first type of approach, there is no effort made to understand the real meaning of the text. Instead, each sentence is treated in isolation and is then translated. In the case of a Ukrainian translation dictionary, this would be the approach. Thus, in such a situation, nearby words are interpreted and depending on the context they are applied, the given word is analyzed based on that context. In a deep approach, there is reliance on a vast array of knowledge and the entire text is analyzed to see, in which context it is applied. Taking the case of Ukrainian translation, a deep approach would skim the entire document and make inferences accordingly.

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